Vaselife in Anthurium

Anthurium cut-flowers are known for their relatively long vaselife that ranges from a week to two months.  Anthurium importers prefer cultivars with a long vaselife to ensure that the cut-flowers will retain their freshness throughout the transportation, distribution and retail chain.  Commercially, a vaselife of three weeks and over is required to market anthurium cut-flowers.
Researchers at the UWI have studied the vaselife of several anthurium cultivars under standard conditions. We found large variations in the vaselife of anthurium cultivars grown in the Caribbean. Several studies were carried out to determine the morphophysiological characteristics associated with vaselife.  Based on this study selection equations have been developed to predict vaselife in breeding programmes. Using these equations, the assessment of vaselife of anthurium cultivars can be done in as little as 5 days with great precision, without having to carry out vaselife experiments, which take two months.  This can greatly accelerate breeding programmes aimed at improving vaselife, and reduce cost.




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