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Desktop PC Renewal

Operation of a centrally funded scheme for the renewal of University desktops and teaching Personal Computers (PCs). These are delivered with a standard software configuration, are pre-registered and ready to run. Customers will be free to choose a machine than the standard on the understanding that they will pay the difference in price. Machines are provided via a cost effective contract which includes warranty and is also open to research and other purchasers.


CITS will:

  • Maintain audit information of University desktop systems
  • Propose a replacement schedule and seek agreement with the relevant Department/Faculty
  • Establish a set of standard configurations and allow for special customer requirements
  • Set up a procurement process to supply PCs to an agreed lead time
  • Organize delivery to the customer of pre-configured machines
  • Replace desktop machines for Academic, technical and professional services staff
  • Replace Departmental IT teaching machines used for Undergraduate and Postgraduate Taught (MSc) students over a 4 year cycle, in the ratio of one system per 5 students.
  • Replace monitors as and when they fail
  • Not renew machines used by Research Assistants and Postgraduate Research (PhD) students. The University has decided that such machines should be funded from Research funds. Research groups may purchase at the advantageous prices offered to University, and are encouraged to do so
  • Provide standard machines with the University standard software configuration


Customers will:

  • Agree with CITS the replacement schedule for the academic year
  • Use the University standard software configuration on renewal machines
  • Fund the additional cost for different or higher spec machines procured instead of standard spec PCs
  • Discuss and agree with CITS the installation of additional or replacement parts
  • Use the replacement machine for the person or purpose it was purchased
  • Only cascade replaced machines by agreement with CITS providing the machines involved are fit for purpose
  • Take responsibility for insurance and physical security and be responsible for any financial loss


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