Web Team

The CITS Web Team offers website development and hosting for official Faculty, Department, Units and Centers of the St. Augustine Campus. Websites are developed using the Drupal Content Management System.

Official Campus Website designs developed by the CITS Web Team follow the Brand Identity Guidelines for the St. Augustine Campus. You can review the website design portfolio to see the latest examples of Drupal websites launched by the web team.

For the web team to begin the development process we request the following:

  1. Completed new website request form (client)
  2. Selected template design (web team / client)
  3. Submission of any images, photos to be used on the website (client)

After the development process, the client will be contacted to schedule a content managment training session with the web team. Sessions can be held at Campus IT Services or by the client, however it is recommended that a minimum of two and a maximum of six (6) persons be trained in a particular sitting. A train-the-trainer model is suggested if additional users need Drupal training for a particular website. 


If you have any questions regarding the new website design request, you can send an email to servicedesk@sta.uwi.edu and CC citswebteam@sta.uwi.edu 

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