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Desktop Support Services

The support of Academic, Administrative and Technical Staff Desktops and Student Desktops, where the desktop is used for all collegiate activities e.g. email, access, teaching and research activities. To ensure that all desktop computers are set up according to University policies and standards, to resolve incidents reported through the Campus Information Technology Services (CITS) Service Desk, and to provide help and advice. Support of specialized Information Technology (IT) facilities, although at a lower priority and subject to resource availability.


CITS will:

  • Provide customer support in person or remotely, in response to Service Desk requests or exceptionally via personal contact, email or telephone calls
  • Provide support (installations, upgrades, fault resolution) for Desktop hardware
  • Interface desktops to CITS Print service and local devices
  • Handle warranty calls associated with the Desktop renewal policy
  • Upgrade hardware (e.g. memory, replacement disks, network and graphics adaptors) for desktop systems not covered by the University replacement policy
  • Configure the desktop network to use DHCP
  • Provide local network support (patching, reset of routers, registration, fault identification and resolution)
  • Provide base operating system support based on latest University standard builds
  • Configure Windows systems into the Domain
  • Ensure regular patching of Windows operating system via Windows Update Service (SUS)
  • Ensure regular patching of systems via Smart update service
  • Ensure regular patching of desktop systems which run Mac OS
  • Ensure regular update of Windows Anti-Virus software via the managed service
  • Configure Mac OS systems with Live-Update to pull updates
  • Install and Upgrade departmental specific software on supported desktops
  • Provide protected file space for staff and students
  • In conjunction with the CITS Security, give advice concerning security, copyright, Data Protection Act, Computer Misuse Act
  • Be responsible for the system security as required by the University Security policy where CITS is the sole system administrator of the system
  • Staff ServiceDesks as required to help with student and staff IT faults
  • Provide specific assistance for people with disabilities
  • Assist users on a reasonable efforts basis with configuration of home machines (e.g. VPN)


Optional Services Subject to Agreement with a Particular Department


CITS will:

  • Order hardware, peripherals & consumables against Departmental accounts
  • Provide support for student teaching e.g. at start of the academic year
  • Give purchasing and budgetary advice for desktop systems and software
  • Support specialist research equipment on a reasonable efforts basis


Customer/Departmental Responsibilities


Customers will:

  • Ensure all software provided for installation is properly licensed
  • Pay for replacement hardware for those machines not covered under the Desktop Renewal policy which the Department wishes to be upgraded or repaired
  • Seek agreement with CITS for required upgrades to desktop machines
  • Provide consumable items
  • Support the use of Departmental specific software
  • Log on to the domain so that access to their PC is secure. This will provide secure access to the PC and also allow CITS to better support them
  • Assign a Custodian for the Desktop systems and ensure they are kept secure
  • Allow appropriate Faculty Support staff to have system administrator access to provide remote support of the Desktop system
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