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Mobile Computing

Services and support for people working away from their normal place of work, including people working off site, e.g. at a hotel or at home. Access is provided to the University network for email (including calendars and contacts), network files, and access to certain University business applications for authorized users. Remote working technologies supported include Laptops and certain PDAs and Smart Phones (e.g. iPhone and Android phones). Advice is also given to people considering the purchase of a remote access device, what services they can expect to be able to use and how to set themselves up as remote users.


CITS will:

  • Provide remote access to University resources for authorized users
  • Provide secure wireless connection points
  • Provide secure connection services to the University network for people working away from University sites, e.g. At home or hotels. Connection services are:
    • Via the Internet using a Virtual Private Network (VPN)
  • Provide web access to email
  • Provide synchronization services for email, calendars and contacts for certain pdas (Windows Mobile) which support ActiveSync including services for iPhones
  • Provide facilities for customers to register their wireless MAC addresses and to register for the VPN or direct connection service, support University laptops and other supported portable devices as part of the standard support service subject to standard service levels
  • Provide support on a reasonable endeavors basis for other portable devices that customers might use 
  • Advise customers on the most suitable mobile working practice for their circumstances and provide assistance in configuration support standard mobile computing technologies and make recommendations for deployment
  • Research and evaluate new mobile technologies and recommend their use in University
  • Enable direct or wireless connection to University resources or the Internet for authorized visitors using their own or University provided computers as agreed with the visitor's sponsor
  • Provide wireless access to customers


Customers will:

  • Register the MAC addresses of their computers and wireless adapters register themselves for VPN or direct connection.
  • Seek advice on appropriate devices and compatibility with the University computing environment if they are considering the purchase of a new portable computing device.
  • Bring laptops and other portable devices into University if requested for support purposes.
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