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Web Services

The development, provision and support of the University web presence on the internet, via central web hosting for the University websites; also advice, training and development assistance for set up and support of websites and services based on University standards.


CITS will:

  • Provide and operate standard University technical web environments on central web hosting facilities.
  • Provide and manage the University Search Engine.
  • Give advice, training and support on:
    • Website and web application development.
    • Use of the University technology infrastructure (including templates and content management software) for web projects.
    • How to organise the management of a website within a department or team, advising on the roles and responsibilities required.
    • Setting up and maintaining the University standard Professional Web Pages work with Departments or teams to help develop their websites in conjunction with the University Communications Division.
    • Advise on the content architecture for a site or other design questions.
    • Carry out reviews on newly developed web sites or sites undergoing major changes, to ensure compliance with branding, accessibility requirements and best practice.
    • Assist with web accessibility testing and compliance.
    • Research and evaluate new technologies for services on the web and recommend their use in University including guidance on web accessibility.
  • Help to set the University policies, standards and guidelines for website development, operation and management.


Customers will:

  • Use University provided services for hosting their sites, except when specifically agreed otherwise.
  • Comply with University Website Policies as described in the Website owners' guide.
  • Liaise with the University Communications Team and CITS for content architecture, design and Quality Assurance review.
  • Ensure websites they are responsible for are compliant as required by the appropriate Web Accessibility legislation and University policy.
  • Manage their website in accordance with the responsibilities laid out in the website owner's guide.
  • Ensure any web site conforms to web accessibility requirements.


Requests for an Official Campus Website are accepted online by the Web Team. Read more...

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