Conference on the Economy



The Department of Economics’ UWI Annual Conference on the Economy (COTE’09) is scheduled for October 1st – 2nd 2009 at the UWI School of Education Auditorium, Agostini Street, St. Augustine.  This year’s conference continues to highlight and address what we in the Department see as the key economic and related developmental issues facing Trinidad & Tobago in particular and the wider Caribbean region by extension in light of the present global economic environment.


This year’s COTE will take the form of a series of sessions, each covering a specific theme around three key headings within the context of the present environment: 

  • Situational Assessment - What is the present and projected situation?
  • Response Framework - What is the required framework for responding?
  • Way Forward - What should be the required response?

This informative event is once again designed to be both useful and pragmatic for decision and policy makers as well as for technocrats, private sector representatives, academics and students.

Download Conference Presentations