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The Department of Economics’ UWI Annual Conference on the Economy (COTE 2011) is scheduled for October 6th -8th 2011. This year’s conference continues to highlight and address what we in the Department see as the key economic issues facing Trinidad & Tobago in particular and the wider Caribbean region by extension in light of the present global environment. COTE is an annual landmark event of the Department at which findings from quality research and other studies are presented to inform economic and social policy

This year’s conference, pays tribute to Dr. Eric St. Cyr, a former Lecturer and Head of the Department of Economics, will focus on the challenges facing regional economies as they seek to manage in the prolonged volatile economic environment. The Theme of this year’s conference, “Managing for Development in a Volatile Economic Environment: Addressing the Challenges before us”, will concentrate on the following sub-themes:

  • Macroeconomics Challenges and Policy Prescriptions
  • Resource & Environmental Economics Issues (Disaster Preparedness)
  • Energy Challenges and Policy Prescriptions
  • Agriculture Opportunities and Challenges
  • Social Economics Challenges and Policy Prescriptions
  • Cultural Challenges and Opportunities
  • Issues in Financial Economics
  • Issues in Labour Economics
  • Trade & ICT Opportunities
  • Tourism and Aviation Challenges and Opportunities


Speakers at the Conference will be drawn from the Departments of Economics, related Centers and Units from across the campuses of the University of the West Indies, representatives of other regional and international Universities as well as key agencies both here and abroad. 

Conference News

Undergraduate Student Debate 29th September 2011
“Be it resolved that party politics hinder the achievement of sustainable growth and development in Caribbean economies"

Essay Competition open to all CAPE Economics Students : What do you see as the key economic policies required tobuffer the Trinidad and Tobago economy and generate sustainable growth in times of crisis?


Photos from COTE 2010

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