The Department of Economics’ UWI Annual Conference on the Economy (COTE 2010) is scheduled for October 7th -8th 2010. At the UWI Learning Resource Centre, The University of the West indies, St Augustine Campus, Trinidad. This year’s conference continues to highlight and address what we in the Department see as the key economic and related departmental issues facing Trinidad & Tobago in particular and the wider Caribbean region by extension in light of the present global environment.
This year’s conference, which pays tribute to Dr. Roy Thomas, a former Lecturer and Head of the Department of Economics, continues in the vein of the department’s three previous conferences. The Theme of this year’s conference “Economic Policy Formation and Program Implementation in the Context of the Caribbean Reality”, would concentrate on the following sub-themes.

  • The Caribbean Economic Situation & Projections
  • International Trade
  • Challenges to Development of Caribbean Economies
  • Labour and Human Capital Development
  • The Diversification Challenges for Caribbean Economies – Cultural Aspects
  • An appropriate regime for Caribbean Economic Diversification

This informative event is once again designed to be useful and pragmatic for decision and policy makers, technocrats, private sector representatives, academics and students.