Guidelines for Presenters

Oral Presentations

  • The total time for presentations is 15 minutes.
  • Presentations should be prepared using Microsoft Windows Power Point (2007 version or earlier version)
  • If you plan to use video or audio recordings in your presentation, you should arrange to test the presentation well in advance of the session in which it is scheduled because these features may or may not be supported.
  • Presentations should be submitted in soft copy preferably before the start of the conference, but no later than the end of the last session of the day before which they are scheduled. 
  • Please label the file with your name and session number.
  • The files will be uploaded to a computer for the presentations, and a remote mouse and laser pointer will be provided.


  • The size of the poster should be 75 cm x 105 cm (30 inches x42 inches). They are to be mounted on the poster boards using double-sided tape, and not tacks/pins.
  • Posters should also be submitted in softcopy.
  • Participants must mount on their posters on the space assigned and are responsible for their own posters. 

General Information for full papers

  • All oral and poster presentations are eligible for publication in the proceedings of the conference.
  • The maximum paper length - 10,000 words for invited papers  and 6,000 words for papers based on other oral presentations or posters.
  •  Please refer to the guidelines to authors provided on the Tropical Agriculture Journal website:
  • Suitable papers, prepared according to the recommended guidelines, will be submitted for review to the Editorial Board of the Tropical Agriculture Journal which is published by the Faculty of Food and Agriculture, University of the West Indies.  Accepted papers will be published in a special issue of the journal.