The University of the West Indies will host the 2015 International Breadfruit Conference. The theme of this conference will be "Commercialising breadfruit for food and nutrition security".


Goal and Objectives:

Realising the potential of breadfruit to contribute to food and nutrition security through promoting entrepreneurial efforts and development of industries by

  1. providing an international forum for sharing information on entrepreneurial, research and development activities that support increased utilisation of breadfruit and breadnut for food and nutrition security,
  2. providing a forum for entrepreneurs in the food and agriculture sector, including rural communities, to discuss the key issues affecting the commercial potential of breadfruit and breadnut, and
  3. creating opportunities for networking among public and private sectors, rural communities and research institutions for the future development of these crops  for food and nutrition security.
  4. displaying relevant research and development, product utilisation and other supporting activities by a range of organisations within and outside the Caribbean.

Convenors:  Dr.  Laura B. Roberts-Nkrumah; Dr. Majeed Mohammed


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