The Association for Human Communication Studies in the Caribbean


The association aims to promote the study, teaching and research of human communication studies in the Caribbean and beyond. It will achieve this aim by engaging in membership and professional development activities, organising and hosting conferences and meetings and publishing research in an international peer-reviewed journal and other publication outlets.


The business of the association will be guided by a constitution and an executive committee, the Executive Board. An interim executive committee consisting of persons nominated or volunteering from among the founding members at The University of the West Indies will be established to develop a constitution, create a mailing list and a membership base, and establish the journal and an editorial board, and an association website.


Membership will be renewable on payment of the required fees and charges on an annual basis or for such other specified periods. Membership benefits include annual subscription to the association’s journal, discounted annual conference registration and other services and offers that may become available to fully-paid members. Membership is open to academic staff, students and professionals with an interest in human communication studies and related disciplines.