The Campus has a number of experts who have the necessary experience to provide factual information about COVID-19 and its impact on virtually every aspect of society and life. Our Media section features UWI experts providing their insights via media interviews, and also includes special features in which they provide much needed advice to members of the public in matters of importance such as mental health and finance.


The Campus is also represented on the UWI COVID-19 Task Force by:

  • Professor Terence Seemungal, Dean of the Faculty of Medical Sciences
  • Professor Christine Carrington, Molecular Genetics and Virology
  • Professor Christopher Oura, Veterinary Virology
  • Dr Katija Khan, Clinical Psychology
  • Dr Gabrielle Hosein, Gender 

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Handover of PPE from Huawei at OCP on Friday 8th May, 2020

Recent Media Interviews

In the Press

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Television Interviews

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Press Conference Features

Ministry of Health Virtual Media Conference - Thursday 30th April 2020 | TTT Live Online