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Maximizing Your Personal Productivity

Building High Performance Teams using the Emotional Intelligence Toolkit

Coaching and Effective Feedback for Managers


Contemporary Corporate Protocol for Executive Assistants

Crafting an Agile Organisation Through Critical Thinking

Creative Strategies for Thriving in Economic Flux


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Institute of Critical Thinking, UWI St. Augustine Campus


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About the Institute

The Institute of Critical Thinking at the University of the West Indies, St. Augustine Campus refocused our mission in 2014 and concentrated our efforts to developing the relationship between the University and organisations in Trinidad and Tobago with a view to creating synergies and driving change and economic development in our country. The Institute responds directly to a gap in the area of tailored executive development programmes specifically targeting those at the helm of organisations. Additionally, we assist organisations by providing tailored training and development workshops that will address performance gaps and improve productivity. All of this done with alignment to the organisation’s strategy and with built in measures for the return on the training investment. It is our great hope to be the vehicle for strengthening local and regional institutions and helping with the charge to become globally competitive and innovative.
We work with the wider UWI to revitalise Caribbean Development by becoming more Accessible, Aligned and Agile to address the needs – current and future – of our people.
"We cannot become what we need to be, by remaining what we are" - Max De Pree

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