The Institute of Critical Thinking

  • To stimulate and enhance research within the University’s Faculties and Schools
  • To serve as a catalyst for intellectual debate more generally within the University and outside
  • To work in close collaboration with similar centres and institutions elsewhere in the region and the world, leading to collaboration and exchange

It is hoped that the Institute will thus act as a focus of national, regional and international enquiry in the arts, the social and human sciences and the natural sciences and so contribute to public debate and public education.


Teaching and Learning

One objective of the Institute of Critical Thinking is to transform teaching and learning amidst the increasing complexity and chaos of the global environment, producing individuals who are equipped with the critical and analytical attributes to be adaptive, proactive, able to enhance their own lives, make a difference in their communities and contribute to the world society, culture and civilization.

Equipped with state of the art multimedia and information communication technologies the Institute of Critical Thinking is strategically poised to facilitate most of the core areas of strategic focus as defined by The University of the West Indies' Strategic Plan, (2007-2012).

These areas include:

  • Teaching and Learning
  • Graduate Studies
  • Research and Innovation
  • Strengthening Regionality
  • Strengthening National Engagement Processes
  • International Partnerships


Critical and Complex Thinking

The Institute of Critical Thinking also aims to promote critical, creative and complex thinking by challenging paradigms of thought and encouraging rethinking and relearning of ideas, concepts and cognitive processes. The previously mentioned areas of research present an opportunity for creating new knowledge by focusing on active learning and involvement. Fully engaging in the process of thinking, supported by robust research increases the opportunities for the innovative use of knowledge.


Engaging the Community

Many of the Institute’s activities thus far have been open to the public and have provided avenues for open discussion and dialogue in a variety of areas. 

  • Discussion on “What are born globals? Can an individual in a small country create a successful business with global reach and impact?” by Dr. Manek Kirpalani (Nov 2008)
  • Conference organized by the People United to Save our Heritage (PUSH) Foundation on “Rethinking Development in Tobago” (Oct 2008)
  • The 9th World Scientific and Engineering Academy (WSEAS) International Conference on Mathematical and Computational Methods in Science and Engineering (MACMESE ’07) and the 9th WSEAS International conference on DTAT Networks, Communications and Computers (DNCOCO ’07) (Nov 2007)

In addition to research aimed at enhancing society, the Institute will continue to be a centre for a broad scope of events and activities that enhance public interest, participation and dialogue.

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