Student Name Project Title
Ejaz Ali Design and Development of 3-Dimensional Femur   Bone using Mimics Base Module and 3-Matic Software.
Carima Ali Influence of FDM Process Parameters on Surface Roughness and Flatness of Laboratory Based Test Parts: A Comparative Approach.

Arshad Mohammed

Design and Development of the Paper Roller Sub-Assembly for a Laser Printer, Using Rapid
Prototyping Tools and Techniques.

Carima Ali

Influence Of Process Parameters On The Surface Roughness And Flatness Of Fdm Build Parts: An Experimental Approach.

Ravindra Mahabir

Design And Development Of An Impeller For An Automobile Water Pump.

Jesse  Baldeosingh

Improvement Of Part Quality In Cnc Milling Process: A Green Process Planning Approach.

Prema Khoomia

Design Improvement Of The Aluminum Can Crusher.

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