(i) Refereed Book Chapters

  • Flexibility via Virtual Cellular System for Variability, in: The Flexible Enterprise, The Flexible Systems Management, Chapter  17, pp. 295-308, edited by Edward  A. Stohr and Sushil, Springer New Delhi, 2014, ISBN 978-81-322-1559-2 (with J. Bansee).
  • Configuration Flexibility in Virtual Cellular System: A Case Study, in: Flexible Enterprise for Global Business, Theme III: Financial, Marketing and Manufacturing Flexibility, Chapter  18, pp. 239-250, edited by Edward  A. Stohr, Sushil and J.N.D. Gupta, Global Institute of Flexible Systems Management Publishers, New Delhi, 2008, ISBN 978-81-906294-1-6 (with J. Bansee).
  • Product design for manufacture and assembly: An illustrative analysis, Theme – X: Integrated Product Development/Concurrent Engineering, Management of IT & Infrastructure for Flexibility & Competitiveness, Year 2005, ISBN : 81-903-3970-2 (with Sushil).
  • Evaluating Technological Options: A Multi-Criteria Approach, in: Globalization, Flexibility and Competitiveness: A Technology Management Perspective, Part V on "Flexibility and Strategy: Evaluating Technological Options, Chapter 27, pp. 412-422, edited by Sushil and K. Momaya, Vikas Publishers, New Delhi, 2001, ISBN 81-259-1106-9 (with A. Kanda).


(ii) Conference Proceedings

  • TECHNOHEIGHTS-2003: A National Level Technical Symposium on Recent Trends in Mechanical Engineering
  • TECHNOVISION-2000: A National Level Technical Symposium on Recent Trends in Mechanical Engineering


(iii) Articles Published/ Accepted in Refereed Journals

Articles Published Accepted in Refereed Journals


(iv) Research Report/Book

B. V. Chowdary and J. Slomp, Production Planning under Dynamic Product Environment: A Multi-objective Goal Programming Approach, Report #02A12, 2002, SOM Research School, University of Groningen, The Netherlands  


(v) Conference Papers (Refereed)

Papers Accepted/Presented/Published in Proceedings


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