Student Name Project Title
Jainarine Bansee Improvement of Job Shop Operations in a Trinidad and Tobago Manufacturing Firm. (2007)
Sharon Ramsaran Recommendation of Lean Implementation Plan at a Beverage Production facility. (2008)
Damian George Redesign of Manufacturing Operations at Genethics Pharmaceuticals Limited: A Lean Implementation Approach. (2009)
Danny Ramnath Development of a Trouble Shooting Program for a 9-1/2” Open Hole Gravel Pack, Single Zone Completion. (2009)
Stephenson Thomas Analysis of  3D Scanned Freeform Models: A Reverse Engineering Approach. (2012)
Cummings Don Lean Construction Practices in the Trinidad and Tobago Housing Construction Industry. (2012)
Neil Mahabir The implementation of a 3D scanner as a quality inspection tool at metal industries company limited. (2013)
Marc-Anthony Richard Design and Development of Products: A Feature Recognition Approach. (2013)
Ricki Lawrence Bhagan Improvement of Manufacturing Operations at MIC Ltd. (2013)
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