Minimum Entry Requirements

MPhil Degrees

The minimum requirement for admission to the MPhil programme is an undergraduate degree with minimum GPA of 3.0 or Upper Second Class Honours, unless the Campus Committee in any particular case otherwise decides.

PhD Degrees

The minimum requirements for admission to the PhD programme are as follows:
  1. Approved graduate degrees awarded primarily for research;
  2. Taught master's degree from the UWI or another approved University, provided that the Masters programme included a research component of at least 25% of the total credit rating and the applicant achieved at least a B+ average or its equivalent.
  3. Approval from the Board for Graduate Studies and Research to upgrade from MPhil to PhD.
  4. Such other qualifications and experience as the Board for Graduate Studies and Research may approve.

Admission of applicants to PhD programmes without prior registration for the MPhil must be approved by the Board for Graduate Studies and Research.


Application Procedure

  1. Persons seeking admission to MPhil and PhD programmes who wish to begin study in Semester 1 of the academic year must submit their applications to the Office of Graduate Studies and Research not later than January 31 of the calendar year in which they are seeking entry. Candidates wishing to enter in Semester 2 should submit their applications by March 31 of the preceding calendar year. These dates may be altered in any particular case for which the Campus Committee so decides.
  2. Applicants for admission who are not graduates of The University of the West Indies must, at the time of their application, arrange for the submission of official transcripts of their university record to the Campus Registrar.
  3. Each application must be accompanied by the required application fee, which is not refundable.
  4. Applicants for admission to PhD and MPhil programmes must, at the time of application, state the field of their proposed research and a tentative topic for the thesis.
  5. An applicant who wishes to be registered part-time for research degrees shall be interviewed by the relevant Head of Department in order to assess the likelihood of his or her being able to devote sufficient time to the proposed programme.
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