The Department offers programmes of study and research leading to MPhil and PhD degrees in Electrical and Computer Engineering.  These degrees are awarded primarily through examination by thesis. Research is conducted in five (5) major subject areas: Communication Systems, Computer Systems Engineering, Control Systems, Electronic Systems and Energy Systems.  


The time required to complete a research degree programme varies with the degree option and whether it is pursued under full time or part time registration.  The minimum period of registration and the deadline for thesis submisison are outlined in the table below.


Degree  Minimum registration period Required to submit thesis after initial registration
MPhil (full time) 2 years 3 years
MPhil (part time) 4 years 5 years
PhD (full time) 3 years 5 years
PhD (part time) 5 years 7 years


Taught Courses

Students are required follow courses of study as recommended by the Head of Department.  A candidate for the MPhil degree is required to read courses totaling a minimum of 6 credits.  A candidate for the PhD degree is required to read courses totaling a minimum of 9 credits.  Candidates are required to pass both the coursework and the written examinations components before submitting their thesis.  A Research Methods course approved by the Department must also be completed for both degrees.  Students who already hold a taught Masters degree may apply to the Campus Committee for exemption from the course requirements of the research degree.


Research Seminars

Students enrolled for both the MPhil and PhD degrees must satisfactorily complete a specified number of research seminars prior the submission of their thesis.  MPhil students are required to complete at least two seminars.  PhD students are required to complete at least three seminars.


Examination by Thesis

The thesis may be submitted after satisfactorily completing the required number of research seminars.  A candidate must apply to enter for the examination by thesis at least three months before the expected submission date of the thesis.  At this time the candidate must submit for approval of the Campus Committee the exact title of the thesis.  The application for examination is done through the supervisor who is required to certify that the thesis is ready for examination.

Candidates are required to satisfy the Examiners in such oral, practical or written examinations as stipulated by the Board for Graduate Studies and Research and in Faculty Regulations.


Upgrade from MPhil to PhD

A candidate registered for the MPhil degree may apply for the upgrade of his or her registration to the PhD.  This can only be done after a period of one year full time, or two years part time from the date of initial registration.  The candidate must have the support of the supervisor and the Head of Department and have given evidence of the qualifications necessary for writing a thesis for the PhD.



Entry Requirements

MPhil Degrees

The minimum requirement for admission to the MPhil programme is an undergraduate degree with minimum GPA of 3.0 or Upper Second Class Honours, unless the Campus Committee in any particular case otherwise decides.


PhD Degrees

The minimum requirements for admission to the PhD programme are as follows:

  1. Approved graduate degrees awarded primarily for research;
  2. Taught master's degree from the UWI or another approved University, provided that the Masters programme included a research component of at least 25% of the total credit rating and the applicant achieved at least a B+ average or its equivalent.
  3. Approval from the Board for Graduate Studies and Research to upgrade from MPhil to PhD.
  4. Such other qualifications and experience as the Board for Graduate Studies and Research may approve.

Admission of applicants to PhD programmes without prior registration for the MPhil must be approved by the Board for Graduate Studies and Research.


Application Procedure

Application is done through the Graduate Studies and Research Recruitment and Admissions Portal.  Please note that the application deadline depends on the semester of entry.

Click here for deadlines, application instructions and to access the Admissions Portal.



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