The Community Service Learning (CSL) Group Project was first introduced into the B.Sc. Electrical and Computer Engineering programme in 2009 as a module of ECNG 2005 Laboratory and Project Design 3, which is part of the Department’s Engineering Practice stream. It facilitates a key component of our undergraduate graduate profile at threshold: “Graduates will have demonstrated the ability to apply their acquired skills to meet basic social and economic needs taking account of local and regional considerations”. Additionally, the project allows for the overall development of our students, facilitates the key attributes of the distinguished UWI graduate, prepares our students for life and the complex world of work, and contributes to The UWI’s public service responsibility.
The project is focused on the application of electrical and computer engineering (ECE) knowledge, techniques and skills to solve a real-world, community-based problem, under the guidance of a qualified supervisor. Students are required to identify a community in need; explore some of the social, economic or other problems that exist for the residents, and which can be addressed using electrical and computer engineering knowledge; formulate a project proposal with relevant rationale; and design and implement a feasible and sustainable solution, adopting systematic and formal project management approaches (including consideration of industry standards and regulations, codes of practice, occupational health including and safety protocols, time, financial and other resource management, and risk assessment and management). The project takes place over a period of 6-8 weeks in Semester II of the academic year (i.e. January – March).
Since its inception, the CSL project has been an iconic undertaking at The UWI and Department has taken great pride in this initiative. We continue to maintain it as an integral part of its B.Sc. programme.
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