The Department offers programmes of study by research leading to MASc, MPhil and PhD degrees in Electrical and Computer Engineering in thematic areas supported by its five subject groups: Communication Systems, Computer Systems Engineering, Control Systems, Electronic Systems and Energy Systems. Departmental research falls broadly into these thematic areas, as follows:

Communication Systems

The Communication Systems Group conducts research and collaborative work in mobile technologies for development, software defined radio; cognitive, semantic and related technologies for productivity enhancement; and communications network and application performance studies. See more about our mobile technologies for development, research and collaborative work:
  • video 360 Mobile Technologies for Development
  • Caribbean ICT Research Programme
  • mFisheries Project
  • Caribbean Innovators Challenge: Mobile Applications for Development
  • ECNG Students Win MIT Technology Innovation Award
  • Caribbean Open Data Conference & Code Sprint. Three Countries. One Amazing Event.
The Communication Systems Group also undertakes projects, such as RF Measurements, relating to wireless communications.

Computer Systems Engineering

The Computer Systems Engineering Group conducts research, and collaborative work, in the areas of computer architecture and organization, embedded systems design and application, video/audio processing for multimedia applications, artificial intelligence and robotics.

Control Systems

The Computer Systems Engineering Group conducts research relating to the development of interactive online control systems laboratories; control using fuzzy logic and artificial intelligence concepts and robust control system design.

Electronic Systems

The electronic systems group conducts research, and collaborative work, in the design of reconfigurable logic systems using the ever-increasing family of static RAM base programmable logic devices such as the Field Programmable Gate Array (FPGA) and the Complex Programmable Logic Device (CPLD), CAD tools for process control, multi-media signal processing; Robotics; Sound profile of the steel pan and Linear integrated circuit application.

Energy Systems

Research in energy systems deals with practical operating and planning issues in regional electrical systems, at the utility and industrial level. Current research focuses on analysis and simulation of power systems, wind energy and control of electrical machines using discrete signal processing.
The Department is also at the forefront of research in the technology of the steel pan and the commercial development of the instrument. Another area of keen research in the Department relates to theories of space and time detection of the ether.
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