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Come join us as we teach, learn, think and innovate in the areas of Literatures in English, Cultural Studies and Communication Studies. We are delighted that you are interested in the engrossing programmes / courses, research and publications (browse our Bookshelf), and various activities / projects that we have to offer.

Whether you are prospective or current students, academics, or other stakeholders and members of the general public, you should find relevant and wide-ranging information available on this departmental website during the academic year.

Our Head of Department, Dr. Suzanne Burke, and the rest of the academic and administrative staff are ready to serve and assist you to accomplish your study and career goals.


The mission of the Department of Literary, Cultural and Communication Studies is to offer invigorating, creative and academically sound programmes designed to produce students who can think critically, communicate effectively, solve problems and interpret human experience with strong analytical, interpretive and expressive skills. We are committed to advancing theory and methods in Literary, Cultural and Communication Studies through the decolonisation of knowledge,
social development and applied research.  


·    To deliver sound academic programmes that emphasise the competent and creative                delivery of material. 

·    To foster the development of critical thinking, analytical and expressive skills. 

·    To provide learner-centred teaching environments that encourage independent thought and      research. 

·    To encourage the appreciation of Caribbean, ancestral, diasporic cultures and other                  cultural heritages, through an engagement with local and global literatures and other                cultural expressions. 

·    To foreground Caribbean perspectives on global literature, cultural expression and                    cultural practices

·    To analyses structures of power and the ways in which they intersect with identities to               produce ways of life.

·    To encourage the development of cross disciplinary thought, teaching and research. 

·    To nurture an awareness of critical social issues and a commitment to social responsibility 


·    Have a solid academic background in their respective majors and minors in the disciplines      of Literatures in English, Cultural Studies, Communication Studies 

·    Have well-developed skills in oral and written communication. 

·    Produce sound academic arguments, applying interpretive and analytical skills. 

·    Can engage in independent research and postgraduate work, including multi-disciplinary         research. 

·    Can function effectively in a range of professions, including teaching, media, journalism,          law, business, and creative writing. 

·    Are socially aware individuals and critical thinkers.

Feel free to contact us for any further information that you may require. Enjoy your time with us!

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 Dr. Suzanne Burke
Department of Literary, Cultural,
and Communication Studies


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