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Come join us as we teach, learn, think and innovate in the areas of Literatures in English, Cultural Studies and Communication Studies. We are delighted that you are interested in the engrossing programmes / courses, research and publications (browse our Bookshelf), and various activities / projects that we have to offer.

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Prof. Paula Morgan
Prof. Paula Morgan, Head,
Department of Literary, Cultural,
and Communication Studies


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  • I’m Serikha Singh, a PhD candidate and tutor in the Department of Literary, Cultural and Communication Studies. I recently earned my M.A. in Literatures in English and these past three years of graduate study have been a very rewarding experience. Not only has it given me an opportunity to immerse myself in research, but it has also allowed me to connect with a myriad of scholars and professionals within the world of literary studies.

  • I am a Communication Studies student who is interested in entering the field of Journalism in the future. It is my desire to champion objectivity and truth as a journalist. With the rise of social media, truth and objectivity are now synonnymous with likes and comments. This is very worrisome to a journalist's moral code. The undergraduate programme in Communication Studies has helped me focus my passions and interrogate traditional and new media in the Caribbean. I think that new students should take inan interest in the prgramme because communication is more than a core facilitator of social interaction, it also encompasses our cultural expressions.

    - James-David Lanser

  • My name is Sheldon Mc Shine, a post-graduate student reading for the MA in Cultural Studies. As a holder of a BA in Musical Arts from this esteemed University, the desire to expand my educational goals within the sphere of Culture came while in the integrated classes of Critical Readings, where I was challenged to think ‘outside the box’, discover other perspectives and critically discuss the things that makes me who I am as a Antillean. The MA in Cultural Studies therefore forms the bridge between what I thought I knew and what is yet to be discovered about myself and my community. The lectures are intense, the readings heavy, but I know that upon completion I would become a more organic intellectual, ready to take my rightful place in society.

  • I am June Aming and I am on my third and final year in the MFA program at UWI. In my heart I have always been a writer. It’s in my step and in my breath. The MFA program has helped me approach my writing in a holistic way. I have learned to use critical thinking and research and have honed my craft to create stories that not only entertain, but capture Caribbean sensibilities; stories that live and breathe off the page. From Juno Diaz, Jean Rhys to Derek Walcott, every time I put my pen to paper I reference everything that I have learned by studying these and other writers over the past two years.  I cannot thank the MFA program enough for the encouragement, the enthusiasm and the wisdom that I have felt from the first day I walked through the doors of The University of the West Indies. It is wonderful a journey.

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