Memory, Politics and Performance in the Trinidad and Tobago Carnival - DAAGA AUDITORIUM. 2- 3 Mar 2017

The Cultural Studies Section of the Department of Literary Cultural and Communication Studies hosted symposium called “Memory, Politics and Performance in the Trinidad Carnival Complex.” The keynote lecture and discussion by Dr. Keith Nurse of UWI Cave Hill was on the topic, Bacchanalia and the Political Economy of Governance in the Trinidad and Tobago Carnival. Everyone benefitted greatly from the experience as these pictures reveal.

DLCCS Open Day - May-28-2017

The staff of the Department of Literary, Cultural and Communication Studies meet with the public and thereby with prospective students to answer their questions and provide them with facts they can use for making informed decisions about their choices for tertiary education. Here they are hard at work on the project.

DLCCS Campus Literature Week - Apr 3-7 2017

For more than twenty-five years now, Campus Literature Week inaugurated by Professor Kenneth Ramchand, has been staged at the University of the West Indies St Augustine. Dr Muli Amaye who is the current coordinator of the Masters in Fine Arts Programme that develops our young poets and other creative writers has been in charge of the process for the past few years. These pictures reveal some of the joy of the participants.

Affect and Engagement Conference 

The Annual West Indian Literature Conference which is held in different Caribbean locations and Miami every year was held at the University of the West Indies St Augustine from Oct 4-7 2017. This conference focused on Affect and Engagement which are at the heart of the humanities. The papers presented and the events hosted all spoke to what many may already view as self-evident: the fact literature encodes and evokes emotion – respect, awe, wonder, love, grief, rage, shame, guilt and so much more. Writers summon the words in which to articulate these feelings and readers experience them as they read and the speakers at this conference contemplated both angles.

Communication Studies Research Expo & Student Presentations - Apr-5-2018

The Communication Studies Section of the department of Literary Cultural and Communication Studies exposes its students work to the interested public and the university community every year. These are some exciting glimpses of the event in 2018.

CATALYST 2018 - June 13-15 2018 Institute of Critical Thinking UWI

This workshop sought to harmonize all the great work that has been taking place across the arts in Caribbean. It was one of a number of ongoing 21st century attempts to reflect on empirical evidence for the theoretical speculations of great Caribbean minds like that of Rex Nettleford, Frantz Fanon, Lloyd Best and others. These intellectuals have emphasized the need for knowing ourselves from the perspective of our arts.

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