Course Selection Guidelines


  1. In order to qualify for a degree, students are required to complete a minimum of 90 credits (30 at EACH level) and possess an Institution (degree) GPA of at least 2.00.
  2. Students who DO NOT HAVE at least one of the following qualifications, are required to sit the English Language Proficiency Test (ELPT) BEFORE registering for FOUN 1001 - English Language for Academic Purposes in Semester I or FOUN 1103 - Argument & Report Writing/ FOUN 1104  - Writing About Literature:

    • CXC General I in English A
    • A' Level A or B in General Paper
    • GCE English Language - Distinction (Grade A or I or II)
    • A pass in EFL - Intermediate or Advanced
    • A TOEFL Score of 580+ (min writing score of 22)/ IELTS (min overall score of 6.5)
    • A grade B or above in the Open Campus Courses Language and Communication/ English and Communication II.

Such students are required to register for FOUN 1301 - Law, Governance, Economy and Society in Semester I and FOUN 1210 - Science, Medicine and Technology in Society in Semester II.

  1. Students with a grade I or II in CAPE Communication Studies MUST read FOUN 1106 - Academic English for Research Purposes and either FOUN 1103 or FOUN 1104. Such students must NOT read FOUN 1001.
  2. Students who register for FOUN 1301 and FOUN 1210 in Level I, and who sat and passed the English Language Proficiency Test must register at Level II for their respective English Language Foundation Courses.
  3. Students may do Out-of-Faculty courses after meeting the requirements:

    • Compulsory courses for their Major
    • At least two more courses (6 Credits) in Humanities outside the declared Major/Special.
    • Foundation courses.
  4. Part-time students must follow the above guidelines BUT must register for a maximum of 3 courses in each semester.
  5. Level I and Level II students (Part-time and Full-time) will NOT be allowed to register for extra courses!
  6. In the final year of their degree programme, undergraduates reading for the BA are required to read HUMN 3099 (or equivalent course/s).
  7. Final Year students who are trailing courses may register for a maximum of 2 extra courses (Full-time) or 1 extra course (Part-time) per semester with the permission of the Dean.
  8. All students are required to register for courses in accordance with the University regulations and established deadlines. Students will NOT be permitted to register outside of established deadlines REGARDLESS OF THE REASONS(S).
  9. Any student who writes examination (s) for a course (s) for which he/she is not registered will NOT be credited for such course(s).
  10. Students are encouraged to keep and use the Academic Advising Form to track their programme for successful completion. However, students who wish to have a degree evaluation, must request same from Faculty Office. Banner generated degree evaluations are likely to be inaccurate at this time.
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