Criminology and Criminal Justice


Criminology and Criminal Justice was officially launched at the St. Augustine Campus on February 24, 1997, as a project under the directorship of Professor Ramesh Deosaran.

The aims and objectives include:

  • To provide a fuller and systematic understanding of the complex nature of crime and criminal behaviour, especially with regard to the causes and/or correlates of crime in the international and Caribbean context.
  • To provide conceptual and analytical skills for advancing theories of crime, reviewing public policy, and in so doing, helping remove existing misconceptions and myths over the causes and solutions to crime and delinquency.
  • To illustrate the theoretical and empirical connections between criminology and the social sciences, thus helping to construct criminology as a multidisciplinary  subject.
  • To bring to Criminology and Criminal Justice scholars and professionals in the protective services, educational and criminal justice system an appropriate body of knowledge and skills to improve their management and leadership capabilities in the area of crime reduction and prevention.

The Unit offers:

  • Undergradute and postgraduate degrees.
  • Collaborative research and educational projects.
  • Consultancies and outreach activities.

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