B.Sc. Sports Management (Special)

Prepare yourself for a Career in Sports!


Good athletes and teams can become consistently great when supported by strong management! This programme starts by introducing students to general concepts in business with courses in accounting, economic and management, before diving into specialised areas such as sports management, sport sociology, the law and sport, sports marketing and public relations, sports event management, sports facility planning and management, business strategy and policy, human resource management, and entrepreneurial studies.

This three-year Bachelor's degree programme provides an excellent foundation based on business and practical experience, and is a crucial first step to preparing yourself to be a leader in the sports industry.

Internship opportunities are also included to gain valuable work experience.

International Study Tours are also incorporated into the programme for theoretical application.

Programme Content/Structure

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RULES GOVERNING ECON 1003 – Intro to Mathematics for Economic I:

  • Students admitted into the Faculty of Social Sciences who possess a Pass GCE Additional Mathematics , GCE Advanced Level Mathematics or CAPE Mathematics (Units 1 and 2) can be exempted from reading ECON 1003. Such students will be required to read another 3-credit Level I course from any discipline on the Campus to complete their Level I credit requirements.
  • Students admitted into the Faculty who do not possess a Pass at GCE Additional Mathematics, GCE Advanced Level Mathematics, CAPE Mathematics Pure/Applied (Units 1 and 2) or AS mathematics will be required to write a Mathematics Proficiency Test (MPT) on the Friday of the second week of Semester I.
  • Students who are successful in the MPT will be allowed to read ECON1003 in Semester II.
  • Students who are not successful in the MPT will be required to read and pass ECON 0001 – Remedial Mathematics

NOTE: About the Internship

MGMT 3029 – Internship in Sport: it is compulsory for all students to complete a LOCAL 2 month internship at the end of the second year and a 4 month internaconal / local internship at the end of your final year.
This is a departmental requirement with no credits attached.
If a student fails to submit the requested documents on time, they will be required to organize their internship without the assistance of the coordinator.

Before you choose your courses, verify that a Course is being offered: Some of the courses listed may not be offered in a given academic year.

To view the undergraduate courses offered by the Department of Management Studies, please refer to the Faculty of Social Sciences' Undergraduate Handbook




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For Further Information, contact:

The Programme Coordinator
Ms. Calisia Gregoire
Email: calisia.gregoire@sta.uwi.edu

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