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New Students

New students entering the University system for the first time are normally faced with several questions as to how to get started.

First of all, acceptance into a programme is usually evidenced by your receipt of a registration package via the postal mail service. If this package is not mailed to you by mid-August, inquire with Student Affairs Administration which is located upstairs the new Administration building. This building is located west of the Centre for Learning & Languages, South of the Social Sciences Computer Lab (opposite the Principal's office). (See Campus Map)

Once this is done, students can follow a step-by-step registration process outlined below:

Step 1 - Academic Advising

All new students must attend academic advising before beginning the process of registering. New students should refer to the FACULTY ACADEMIC ADVISING SCHEDULE, which can be found in the Student Handbook Guide (should be provided in registration package). Students MUST : 

1.Consult your faculty advisor for information on courses for which you must register. 

2.Ensure you are given a faculty academic advising form with the courses for which you must register.

NOTE: For students seeking credits and exemptions from certain courses, check with Admissions (Administration Building) for more specific information. (See Campus Map)

Step 2 - Registering for your courses

Registration is now an online process. All students are required to register at the beginning of the academic year for both Semester I and Semester II courses, where applicable. When registering for year long courses a student must register for the particular course/s in the semester in which these are being examined. Before you begin your online registration, carefully study the Online Registration Instruction
Guide located at

Students MUST

1. Do your own data entry

2. Register for courses listed on your faculty academic advising form

3. Print your registration fee assessment invoice – it is used when paying fees at the Bank and to complete the financial clearance process

Step 3 - Financial Clearance

NOTE: A Student is deemed to have registered for a course only when his/her Financial Obligations to the University have been fulfilled.

Students MUST:

1. Use the student deposit slip and pay the appropriate fee at any branch of Republic Bank Ltd.

2. Ensure that the bank teller returns 2 copies of the deposit slip to you. If Accessing a Bank Loan: You require a loan approval letter signed and stamped on the Bank’s letterhead. The letter must state the amount of the loan and date your fees will be remitted to the University.

3. Staple the following documents together:

* Official UWI Registration fee assessment invoice.

* Evidence of payment of fees, where applicable (If you have not been admitted as a national of Barbados, Jamaica or Trinidad & Tobago you must also provide evidence of how your economic cost will be met). 

*Copies of letters showing evidence of funding, where applicable e.g. bank loans, scholarships.

* GATE form and receipt of payment of compulsory fees required for Nationals of Trinidad & Tobago ONLY.

*Evidence of payment of any outstanding balance(s), where applicable.

4. Deposit the stapled documents in the appropriate Box (located on the Ground Floor of the New Administration Building). (See Campus Map)

Your registration fee assessment printout will then be processed within three (3) days of drop-off by our Bursary Staff to ensure that you have paid the correct fees. If for any reason we are unable to process your registration form, we will contact you provided that you have given us a contact telephone number.

Check online for financial clearance within three (3) days of submission of your registration fee assessment invoice by logging on to the secure area of the MYSTA website at


*Fees are payable at the beginning of the academic year or by semester. Please refer to the registration fee assessment/invoice. (Also see financial information booklet for other fees payable).

*Only tuition fees are payable by semester.

* All compulsory fees are payable in full at the beginning of the academic year. All fees must be paid at any branch of Republic Bank Ltd. 

Step 4 - Getting the UWI Student ID Card

Once Financial Clearance is Received: 
If you received financial clearance proceed directly to JFK Lecture Theatre to have your photo taken on the date designated for your Faculty to get your Student ID Card [Refer to UWI ID Issue schedule in the Booklet provided for the Dates and Times].

If Financial Clearance is not Received:
If you did not receive financial clearance please check with our Bursary Representatives, Ground Floor, New Administration Building for clarification. (See Campus Map)

NOTE: You MUST produce picture identification (i.e. passport or National IDcard) to obtain your UWI ID. 



Students who have difficulty registering should contact our Help desk at 1 868 662 2002
ext. 3969, 3970, 3971, 3972.

If you require assistance registering online during the registration period, you may also consult any of the Student Assistants stationed at the designated on-campus Registration Lab located at:

The Computer Lab
Dept. of Mathematics & Computer Science
2nd Floor, Natural Sciences Building
Opening Hours – Monday to Friday from 9:00 am – 6:00 pm.

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