Frequently Asked Questions

11. I am supposed to graduate this year, but I failed one of my last courses. What can I do?

Upon the recommendation of the Board of Examiners, the Department concerned can offer an Oral Examination in the course(s) if a student has failed the last one or two courses required to complete their degree.

N.B The student MUST have obtained a mark of at least 45 % for the course(s) failed in order to qualify for an Oral Examination.

The Oral Exam, if granted, will be a maximum of one (1) hour in length, and will be held as soon as possible after the previous exam. The student MUST contact the Department concerned so that arrangements can be made for the oral examination.

N.B A student is allowed only one (1) oral examination for any one (1) course. If the student fails the oral examination as well, the student will not have any right or appeal or review.

If an Oral Examination is granted, the student may choose to decline the offer. If the student declines this offer, the only alternative for the student is to re-do the courseat the time of its next offering if the course failed is a core course for the degree programme. If the course(s) failed is/are an elective course, the student can choose to redo the same course or another possible elective (to make up the required credits) at the next time of its offering. This can delay graduation if the selected course is only offered in the following academic year.

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