Online Public Lecture - "Navigating Technology Innovation in Sport"

Online Public Lecture - Navigating Technology Innovation in Sport

The Department of Management Studies, invites you to the UWI/FIFA/CIES Sports Management Online Public Lecture on:

Saturday 29th January 2022 - 10.00 am to 12.00 noon

Topic: “Navigating Technology Innovation in Sport” with guest speaker, Mr. Nicolas Evans - Head of Football Research & Standards, FIFA

See flyer for details. Kindly REGISTER to attend the lecture.

The lecture is Free and Open to the Public – Please feel free to share.

ABOUT THE SPEAKER | Professional Background | LinkedIn Profile

Nicolas Evans is the Head of Football Research and Standards at FIFA working in the Football Technology & Innovation environment. Over the past decade, Nicolas has been driving data-driven decision-making in sport with concrete results being implemented at FIFA World Cups. He states that “Evidence-based, empirical research needs to be at the heart of any innovations and developments in this sector whereby any new technology or implementation must meet needs.”

Nicolas is at the heart of scientific validation of products, technologies and services within football leading to globally established standards in sport. Most notably, he has driven for validation of Electronic Performance and Tracking Systems and has authored test procedures for Video Assistant Referee (VAR), virtual offside lines and further technologies in football.

He was the leading force behind FIFA’s Innovation Programme which seeks a more structured interaction with the start-up scene to ensure football’s needs and the market offer can meet in a meaningful way with aim of taking the next step in embracing technical innovation and digitisation.

The focus is to interact with the global research community and bridge the gap between technology, research and football to leverage new innovations and help improve the game of football.

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