Ph.D. Business Administration

Programme Objectives

The purpose of Ph.D. programme is to develop leaders, innovators, and positive change agents who are able to work as researchers, teachers, consultants and administrators in a variety of settings including, public and private commercial organisations, not-for-profit agencies and academia. Rigorous research training is offered to enable graduates to plan, design, implement and evaluate research.


Target Groups

Approximately ten (10) students in total will be admitted each year across the available disciplinary areas. Admissions will be competitive with preference given to applicants from Caribbean countries.


Admission Requirements

Admission to the programme will be based on one of the two alternative sets of criteria outlined below:

1. Applicants holding a M.Sc. in Management

Applications holding an M.Sc. in Management Studies from UWI, or a M.Sc. from another accredited University, where the research component is at least 25% of the degree content, and who have attained at least a B+ average, will be eligible for direct admission.

2. Applicants with Other Academic Backgrounds

Such applicants must hold at least a masters degree from UWI or another accredited University with a B+ average, and with an acceptable level of research content in the programme pursued.

Depending on their background, such applicants may be required to take additional courses as determined by the Department Head on the recommendation of the Admissions Committee, prior to registration.


Selection Criteria:

The final selection of students for the two categories above will be based on the following criteria:

(i) Academic Background and Training
(ii) Interview with Admissions Committee
(iii) Thesis Proposal
(iv) Research Experience
(v) Recommendations from referees
(vi) Level of motivation, as assessed in the interview
(vii) Professional experience, where applicable
(viii) In the case of non-UWI international students, GMAT scores documenting a minimum of 550 in total including 20 in the verbal section and 22 in the quantitative section, and who might also be required to take an ESL Assessment Test, where appropriate.


Programme Structure and Content

The Ph.D. programme is comprised of five (5), four-credit courses and two (2), three-credit courses and a six-credit course, plus a dissertation worth 58 credits for a total of 90 credits.

All doctoral students will be required to take a common body of five courses, plus three additional, track specific, courses. These are as follows:

Required Courses for both Marketing & HRM Tracks

MGMT 8001  

Multi-Variate Statistics

  MGMT 8002  

Measurement and Research Methods

MGMT 8004   

Qualitative Research Methods






MGMT 8031  

Microeconomics for Business Decisions

  MGMT 8030  

Macroeconomics for Business Decisions


Additional Courses to be taken by students of Marketing Track

MGMT 8018  

Marketing Theory

  MGMT 8017  

Marketing Strategy

MGMT 8032   

Specialised Readings in Management Studies







Additional Courses to be taken by students of HRM Track

MGMT 8032  

Specialised Readings in Management Studies

  MGMT 8014  

Advanced Human Resource Management

MGMT 8015   

Current Topics and Trends in Organisational Behaviour 



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