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In response to the lack of professional sports management currently experienced in the Caribbean, the UWI, St. Augustine Campus, in collaboration with the Centre International D’Etude Du Sport (CIES), and under the auspices of the FIFA, has introduced a Postgraduate Diploma in Sports Management.

The FIFA/CIES International University Network brings together universities from all over the world. Its key objective, with the support of its academic partners, is to improve the skills of sports managers at the level of federations, clubs, small sports associations, government and municipal entities.

A Master of Science Degree in Sports Management is also offered by the University of the West Indies.

These programmes are broadly aimed at providing participants with the requisite educational background necessary for executive management and leadership positions in a variety of sport and recreational fields. Within the Master of Science degree, the role of scholarship and focused disciplinary study will be emphasised so as to prepare graduates to think conceptually and analytically, and to positively impact professional practices and policies in the respective fields of sports and recreation.

Programme Overview (both PG Dip & MSc)

The emphasis of both these programmes is on understanding the management, marketing and policy development challenges of delivering sports services within today’s complex, demanding and globalised environment. The programmes will also focus on the local and regional realities of sport. The courses and projects to be pursued will facilitate the development of skills and competencies necessary for success at senior management level in sporting organisations in the public, commercial and voluntary sectors.

UWI/FIFA/CIES Postgraduate Diploma in Sports Management

Blended/Online Format (Synchronous)

  • 10% Residential/Face to Face (mandatory): The first week of EACH semester held at UWI, St. Augustine Campus
  • 90% Online: 3-hour sessions per module during the week from 8.00pm – 11.00pm TT time via Zoom


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For Further Information, contact: Ms. Calisia Gregoire:

Learning Outcomes of the Postgraduate Diploma

On successful completion of the Postgraduate Diploma, graduates should be able to:

  • Identify and evaluate recent challenges in sports participation and policies and their implications for sports management practices.
  • Apply sport management theory to the context of managing sports organizations.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the breadth and depth of the sports marketplace, including the development of decision-making, problem-solving and networking skills.
  • Recognise the role of economics, accounting, finance, marketing, strategic management, communications, law and business research methods in sports and demonstrate and apply tools of these fields to issues in sports.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of specific components of sports management such as public relations, facilities management, fundraising, sponsorship, brand management, event management, and health and wellness.
  • Recognise, discuss, and demonstrate knowledge of globalisation, themed entertainment, culture, sociology, and commerce on the sport marketplace with the development of critical thinking skills.
  • Demonstrate skill in written and oral communication.

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Programme Content/Structure

The UWI/FIFA/CIES Post-Graduate Diploma

The Postgraduate Diploma is a 24-credit (3 credits each) programme comprised as follows:

UWIFIFACIES Modules per Semester.png

Full-Time over one (1) calendar year (3 Semesters - September, January & May)

Mode of Evaluation/ Assessment: 

  • 60% Course work (Individual and Group Assignments, Discussion Forums, Case Studies, Presentations, In-Class participation, lectures, local site visits/field trips)
  • 40% Final Examinations (written, in person)

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MSc in Sports Management

Learning Outcomes of the M.Sc. in Sports Management 

The learning outcomes listed for the Postgraduate Diploma in Sports Management also apply to the M.Sc. In addition to these outcomes, graduates of the M.Sc. should be able to:

  • Demonstrate skills in qualitative and quantitative analysis.
  • Conduct research on issues relevant to managing and developing sports organisations and events, and to present the findings of such research in a coherent and understandable manner.

Continuation from Postgraduate Diploma to the M.Sc.

Students who have successfully completed the Postgraduate Diploma with a B average can:

(a) continue right away to complete the M.Sc. in Sports Management. Such students will be required to complete eighteen (18) additional credits for the award of the M.Sc. as follows:

  • MGMT 6007 – Research Methodology (4 credits)
  • SPMA 6006 – Sport & Public Policy (4 credits)
  • SPMA 6007 – Research Project (10 credits)

(b) choose to be awarded the Postgraduate Diploma and return to complete the M.Sc. after two (2) years. Such students will be required to complete a further twenty
six (26) credits for the award of the M.Sc. as follows:

  • MGMT 6007 – Research Methodology (4 credits)
  • SPMA 6006 – Sport & Public Policy (4 credits)
  • SPMA 6007 – Research Project (10 credits)
  • Plus two (2) Electives (8 credits)*

*Electives are to be chosen with the approval of the Head of Department as not all the electives listed may be on offer in any given year/semester.



All students will be required to do two (2) levels of any language which are offered by the Centre for Language Learning (CLL)



For Further Information, contact:

The Programme Coordinator
Ms. Calisia Gregoire


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