Students on Dean's Hold


A Dean’s hold is placed on a student’s record when his/her GPA is below 2.0 in a semester. At this stage the student is placed on Warning for the next semester.

Students on Warning

Students who are required to withdraw (RTW)

If a student’s GPA drops below 2.0 a hold is automatically placed on their account. It is normally recommended that these students do no more than 3 courses until their GPA increases to 2.0 or above.

Follow the instructions below to have the hold lifted. The hold is typically lifted within 48 hours and the student will receive an alert by email and can then proceed to register.


If a student’s GPA is less than 2.0 for two (2) consecutive semesters they are placed on RTW (required to withdraw) and are administratively ‘withdrawn’ from the system for one year. These students may apply for readmission when applications reopen.

If a student wishes to make an appeal for the RTW to be rescinded they are to email the Deputy Dean (Undergraduate Studies), Dr. Karene Nathaniel-DeCaires at This process is a lengthy one and the candidate may be required to attend a meeting with the Deputy Dean after which a recommendation will be sent to the Deputy Principal for consideration. If the appeal is approved by the Deputy Principal, a recommendation is submitted to the Examination Section and the student is reinstated. The student will be informed of this by their respective Dean’s Office and any fees outstanding must be paid before they can register.

After being reinstated and financially cleared:


Please direct your questions to the VIRTUAL OFFICE which will be open from January 9th- 11th and 15th – 17th from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm.

Tuesday 10th January to Friday 13th January from 10:00 am to 6:00 pm
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