Testimonial by Camara David (PG Diploma Sports Management)

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Camara David

Programme of StudyPostgraduate Diploma in Sports Management

Date of completion - July 2014

Why did you choose to study this programme? Why the Department of Management Studies at The University of the West Indies, St Augustine?
I chose this programme because I believed it was the best first step to get into the local sport industry. After graduating with a Bachelors in Sport Management, it was an easy choice to continue my sport studies. Not only did the programme enhance my sport management skills, but more importantly, I was able to create and establish networks with professionals already in the sport industry.

What specific areas did you like best about being a student in the programme?
The blended learning method really helped me as a sports professional. I was able to successfully balance my work and school life. Additionally, we the students were viewed as the next sport managers of the next generation and as such, were treated with respect by lecturers and peers.

How have the courses offered by the programme aided in developing your knowledge, competencies, and skills?
Coming into this programme as a graduate of the BSc in Sport Management, this programme further enhanced my knowledge base while testing my creativity and ability to work with minimum supervision on numerous projects as it is important in the sport industry.

How has the programme contributed to your professional growth and employability?
Through this programme, my sport management career really took off. Firstly, after graduating I was offered a scholarship into the prestigious FIFA Master programme. Ranking as the top sport management masters in the world, the FIFA Master further expanded my sport management knowledge and my professional network to some of the best practices and professionals in the world of sport. Upon graduating from the FIFA Master, I was able to return to Trinidad and Tobago and work as the General Secretary of the Trinidad and Tobago Super League. As the General Secretary of the league, I was able to use some of the knowledge learnt from the programme, more specifically from the Finance module.

Your suggestions are important to us. Based on your experiences, what are some areas in the programme or from the Department that we can improve on?
I believe that there is still a disconnect between the Programme and the sport industry. I believe that the number of graduates actually working in the sport industry especially at an influential level is low. I believe that marketing the programme to not only potential students but also as an programme for Executives within the sport organizations and even stakeholder organizations like sport sponsors.

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