Testimonial by Tammy Williams (Ph.D Business Administration)


Tammy Williams

Programme of Study -  Ph.D Business Administration

Date of expected completion - September 2018

What year are you presently in? - Year 5

Why did you choose to study this programme? Why the Department of Management Studies at The University of the West Indies, St Augustine?
I chose this programme because I am interested in teaching and research. I chose UWI St Augustine, as it is convenient, it allows me to be with my family and enjoy Trinidad culture, food etc. In addition, the cost at that time of enrollment was affordable. I also was very drawn to the structure of the programme that included teaching under the supervison of Mrs. Cooper. Mrs. Cooper gave a presentation on the teaching component of the PhD programme that was interesting.

What specific areas do you like best about being a student with the Department?
They push you to excel as the standards set are extremely high. The department head is supportive of students if they require financial assistance for workshops or scholarship information.

How have the courses offered by the Department aided in developing your knowledge, competencies, and skills? 
The course has aided in my development in my area of focus and outside of my area of focus. As such, my area of research helped to develop my confidence and knowledge in the area. Other areas of focus were at times taxing, but I appreciated it as it has broaden my scope of knowledge.

How has the programme contributed to your professional growth and employability?
The programme has allowed me the opportunity to gain skills which enhanced my strong work ethic. This has contributed to obtaining project type consulting work and creating and maintaining professional work relations with my colleagues.

Your suggestions are important to us. Based on your experiences, what areas can the Department improve on?
There needs some improvement in administration. Courses for students need to be offered in a timely manner granted that the students expectation is to finish the courses component within the specified time period. The wifi access and database offering by the library need improvement or have a similar standard to universtites abroad. Ensure supervisors adhere to manual or policies regarding student supervision.

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