UWI/FIFA/CIES Sports Management, First International Field Trip

The first UWI/FIFA/CIES Sports Management International Study Tour!

FIFA/CIES Executive Programme: Successful Study Tour to Peru


Alumni from the UWI/FIFA/CIES Sports Management programme embarked on their first Sports Management International Field Trip, to Lima, Peru during the period 03 – 13 August, 2019. In collaboration with the University of San Martin de Porres (USMP), the initiative was organized to allow students in the Sports Management programme the opportunity to meet with other students within the FIFA/CIES network (including Chile, Venezuela and Peru) as well as expose students to best practices in Sports Management.

The Trip focused on 3 areas:

Education – Organisation of two (2) conferences:

The conferences focused on the development and execution of mega sporting events, with particular reference to the Pan American Games and Parapan American Games hosted by Peru.

Informative presentations by Alexandre Castelo Branco (Head of Media Press Center Lima 2019), Luisa Villar (President National Paralympic Association of Peru) and Sebastian Rubio (Director ZSports Peru and Representative CIES Peru) covered key elements in hosting sport events. Subsequently, a conference focused on the Organization and the Legacy of Mega Sports Events was presented by Michael Boys (Chile).

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Tour of Sports Facilities:

The students also had the opportunity to visit the Football Club and its ancillary facilities of the University (USMP). This initiative provided an opportunity for students to communicate with the management team and learn about the integration of academia and sport.

Additionally, students attended Hockey, Indoor Volleyball and Athletics at the Pan-American Games. They also got the opportunity to visit the Athletes’ Village, which was an invaluable experience, to appreciate the services provided for the athletes by the Pan-American Sports Organization.

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Sport Tourism:

Touring Lima!  A traveller’s delight. There was something for everyone, and for all senses. What better way to enjoy Peru with visits to Ica, Paracas - Isla Ballesta and the Huacachina Oasis by taking a ride on the Pacific ocean to view the local wildlife, enjoying the warmth of the desert as we climbed and glided down the sand dune, exploring the city as they were taken through the museums, archeological and historical sites enjoying their beautiful sculptures and Cathedrals. The Peruvian Cuisine of flavourful dishes and local drinks and wine tasting left them yearning for more. This was delightfully complemented by the friendly people and their smiles as well as the sounds of their traditional music and dance through their fascinating display of culture. Such diversity! All elements that showcased Peru and indeed remain etched in the hearts of the students.

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The University Network:

After 10 days, the students from the CIES University Network – Trinidad and Tobago, Chile, Venezuela and Peru left with an exchange of sporting experiences, enjoyment and a sporting family that grew, fostering continuous global interactions. This, is one of the programme’s purposes. 


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