Level: I
Semester: 1 and 2
Number of Credits: 1
Prerequisites: CAPE Pure Mathematics (Units 1 &2) or Math 1125 or Equivalent


Course Description

MATLAB, which stands for Matrix Laboratory, is a software package for high-performance numerical computation and visualization. It provides an interactive environment with hundreds of built-in functions for technical computation, graphics and animation, while providing easy extensibility with its own high-level programming language.

This course prepares the student to understand and properly apply MATLAB in analyzing and solving problems without a previous knowledge of either MATLAB or computer programming. It first introduces the student to the most useful and easily accessible features of MATLAB.

Students will be guided through the MATLAB environment and shown basic functionalities of the package such as the use of MATLAB as a calculator. Online documentation and Help features will be delineated to the students, followed by interactive computation, including but not limited to matrices and vectors. The use of built-in functions and a thorough study on plots, graphics, and animations will be performed.

The later part of the course introduces the student to the programming language of MATLAB, particularly as it relates to the creation of user designed functions. Teaching will take place entirely in weekly interactive lab sessions where the emphasis will be on active learning. Assessment will be based on coursework examinations and several lab assignments.



Coursework 100%

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