Welcome to the Department of Mathematics and Statistics Postgraduate Programmes.

The Department of Mathematics and Statistics offers MSc Degrees in Mathematics and in Statistics. The Department also offers programmes leading to the MPhil and PhD degrees. The MSc degrees are awarded on the basis of taught courses and a research project.

The MPhil and PhD are research degrees awarded on the submission and successful defense of a thesis. Each MPhil/ PhD student must also do a minimum of 8/9 credits at graduate level, as recommended by his/her Supervisor. Ayer evaluation by his/her supervisor, MPhil and PhD candidates may be required by the Department to take substantially more credits of taught courses than the University stipulated minimum. Interested applicants should consult the Head of the Department concerning available research facilities.

Transfer from the MPhil to the PhD degree programme is possible but depends on the progress of the research undertaken and the recommendation of the supervisor and the approval of the Board for Graduate Studies and Research.

In Mathematics, the current research areas are Graph Theory and Combinatorics, Fluid Dynamics, Mathematical Modelling and Biomathematics.

NB: Additional information available in the Faculty of Science and Technology Postgraduate Booklet.


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