Level: II
Semester: 2
Number of Credits: 3
Prerequisites: MATH 1141, MATH 1142 and MATH 1151


Course Description

This is an introductory course that involves the solving of various ordinary differential equations of first and second order, as well as the solution of systems of differential equations. Methods of solution include separation of variables, various substitution techniques and use of integrating factors, undetermined coefficients, and variation of parameters. Laplace transforms, infinite series, and selected numerical methods are also incorporated. Uniqueness and existence theorems are covered. A solid grounding in Calculus is necessary, as is knowledge of linear algebra for the theory of solution of systems of equations. For this reason, these are considered to be prerequisite courses. Prior knowledge of mathematical software (such as Maple and Matlab) will be an asset for the numerical work involved, but should not be considered to be a prerequisite. Active learning will be achieved through assigned problem sheets allowing continuous feedback and guidance on problem solving techniques in tutorials and on myeLearning and through four major assignments.



Coursework                                                                 50%
Final Examination - one 2-hour written paper          50%
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