Level: II
Semester: 2
Number of Credits: 3
Prerequisites: MATH 1141 and MATH 1152 or (MATH 1140)


Course Description

Students who take this course will require a basic grounding in set theory and logic. For this reason, Math 1152 is listed as a prerequisite.

This course introduces students to basic structures of abstract algebra, including groups, rings and fields. In the introduction, the focus is on binary operations and equivalence relations, which will be used throughout this course. Then groups are introduced, and students will learn that they come in many varieties. Subgroups and maps between groups are studied. In the second part of the course, rings are studied. Again, examples are studied, some familiar and some new. As usual, subrings, ideals and maps between rings are studied. Ayer this, Euclidean rings are studied. Finally, a brief introduction to fields is given. Since cogent communication of mathematical ideas is important in the presentation of proofs, the course will emphasize clear, concise exposition.

This course will therefore be useful for all students who wish to improve their skills in mathematical proof and exposition, or who intend to study more advanced topics in mathematics.



Coursework                                                                 50%
Final Examination - one 2-hour written paper          50%
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