Level: II
Semester: 1
Number of Credits: 3
Prerequisites: MATH 1141 or MATH 1140


Course Description

Students who take this course will require a solid grounding in set theory and basic logic. For this reason, MATH 1140 is listed as a pre-requisite. The course begins with a study of abstract linear algebra which involves vector spacers and linear transformations. Formulating such an approach leads to a study of linear equations and the technique of elementary row transformations used for solving them. The concepts of rank and equivalence are introduced. Determinants are discussed in terms of permutations. The important concepts of orthogonality, eigenvalues, eigenvectors are studied. A treatise on quadratic forms, diagonalization of matrices and the Cayley – Hamilton theorem is included. The writing of detailed proofs is incorporated throughout.



Coursework                                                                 50%
Final Examination - one 2-hour written paper          50%
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