Level: II
Semester: 1
Number of Credits: 3
Prerequisites: MATH 1141 and MATH 1152 or (MATH 1140)



Course Description

Students who take this course will require a solid foundation of most topics that are examined in the level 1 courses Math 1141 and Math 1152. We begin with a study of methods of proofs and discrete mathematical structures. Some basic definitions in combinatorics and graph theory are given. In such a situation recurrence relations are formulated but linear type ones are solved. The solutions of various problems in enumeration are expressed in terms of recurrences.

We introduce different general network structures and the models that generate them. Some of the notations and terminology of graphs are used that would lead to established properties of networks, combinatorial designs and the efficiency of the Hungarian algorithm.



Coursework                                                                 50%
Final Examination - one 2-hour written paper          50%
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