Level: III
Semester: 2
Number of Credits: 3
Prerequisites: MATH 2277 or MATH 2120

Course Description

This is the follow-up course for MATH 2277 Introduction to Real Analysis I. The course exposes students to rigorous mathematical definitions, proofs and classical results on differentiation, Riemann integration, sequences and series of functions. Major emphasis is placed on the proper use of definitions for the rigorous proof of theorems. The following topics will be covered: Differentiation, Riemann integration, sequences and series of functions and metric spaces.

Assessment is designed to encourage students to work continuously with the course materials. Active learning will be achieved through weekly problem sheets, allowing continuous feedback and guidance on problem solving techniques in tutorials and lectures, and periodic marked assignments.



Coursework                                                                 50%
Final Examination - one 2-hour written paper          50%
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