To impart a knowledge of Mathematics which would enable  graduates to perform more effectively in the workplace and also enhance their research capability.

Programme Co-ordinator: Dr. David Tweedle


Entry Requirements

To be admitted to the programme, a candidate should (normally) possess a BSc degree majoring in Mathematics or equivalent (minimum GPA 2.5) with at least Lower Second Class Honours. Candidates with lower qualifications may be considered but will be required to pass qualifying courses, as prescribed by the department. All candidates must have passed the following courses (or its equivalent):

MATH 2272 Abstract Algebra I
MATH 2273 Linear Algebra I
MATH 2270 Multivariate Analysis
MATH 2277 Introduction to Real Analysis I
MATH 2271 Ordinary Differential Equations I


Duration of study

The course of study will extend over one year of full-time study or two years of part-time study. Part-time students will normally be required to complete the degree within two years of registration; and must complete it within three years. At present only a part-time programme is available.



Students will be required to pass both the coursework and the written examination. The pass mark is 50%.  The grading scheme for graduate degrees is as follows:  A 70 - 100%; B+ 60-69%; B 50-59%.  In the case of the Research Project, evaluation will be based on the project report.


Award of Degree

To qualify for the award of the degree, candidates must pass all three Core courses, five/six Elective courses and the Research Project. The degree shall be awarded in two categories - Distinction and Pass.  For the award of the degree with distinction, the candidate must have  obtained an average mark of 70% or more, across all Core courses and Elective courses as well as 70% or more in the Research Project.

A candidate failing a course shall be ineligible for the award of distinction.


Course of Study

The MSc programme consists of 3 core courses and 5/6 electives


          (i)      5 elective courses and an 8-credit
                    Research Project.  (MATH 6000)
          (ii)     6 elective courses and a 4-credit
                    Research Project.  (MATH 6001)

A Research Project must be chosen in collaboration with at least one Lecturer in Mathematics. An 8-credit project is equivalent to two courses. A 4-credit project is equivalent to one course.



MATH 6100            Algebra (Group Theory and Applications)
MATH 6110            Real Analysis
MATH 6120            Differential Equations



MATH 6130            Algebra (Group Actions)
MATH 6140            Advanced Mathematical Methods
MATH 6150            Viscous Flows
MATH 6160            An Introduction to Non-Newtonian Fluid Mechanics
MATH 6170            Advanced Discrete Mathematics (F-Polynomials of Graphs)
MATH 6180            Probability
MATH 6190            Numerical Analysis
MATH 6191            Asymptotic & Perturbation Analysis
MATH 6192            Advanced Mathematical Modeling
MATH 6193            Numerical Methods for Partial Differential Equations
MATH 6194            Discrete Mathematics
MATH 6195            Finite Element Analysis
MATH 6310            Complex Analysis
MATH 6620            Topology
MATH 6630            Functional Analysis
MATH 6640            Theory of Integration
         Other approved courses


MATH 6000             Research Project (8-credit)
MATH 6001             Research Project (4-credit)
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