About Wellness

The mission of the UWI Health Services Unit (HSU) Wellness Program is to support the educational mission of the university by helping students develop and enhance their personal, academic and social well-being.
HSU is committed to promoting a holistic approach to services and supports to empower students in achieving a balanced state of health and wellness.



UWI Health & Wellness Policy

The University of the West Indies (UWI) is committed to fostering a proactive and supportive community that promotes health and wellness, essential to the success of every student and staff member on campus to the extent that its resources will allow. Of major importance to this commitment, is the strategy to focus on Wellness as a key initiative in the implementation of programmes on the various campuses of the University of the West Indies. Wellness is a way of life. It is associated with the philosophy which sees health as the fullest realization of an individual's physical, social, spiritual, and psychological potential, achieved through positive attitudes, effective stress management, optimal physical health, and the avoidance of unhealthy practices.






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