The National Herbarium of Trinidad and Tobago Library (NHTTL) dates back to the 19th century and has always been supported with its own adjunct library of specialized books and other relevant reference material. However, in 2009 a former laboratory in the Sir Frank Stockdale Building was completely refurbished to house this collection and to improve access to and accommodations for staff, visitors and students. This move also warranted the need for a dedicated, qualified, librarian on staff to catalogue, organize and manage the growing collections and to deliver a better service to our clients.

The NHTTL maintains a specialized collection of floras, monographs, journals, theses, CD’s, audio tapes, maps, drawings, paintings, slides, research papers, reports, rare books, reprints and sample wood specimens. The main focus of the collection is the neo-tropical flora but floras from other tropical and sub-tropical regions of the world are not excluded.



The library’s specialized collection is available for reading and referencing of important literature but no lending service is available. Special concession to the removal of any publication particularly Floras is allowed when working directly with the 50,000 plant specimens housed in the main Herbarium. Visit our Online Database here.


NHTTL Mission Statement

To support the intellectual and informational needs of the National Herbarium of Trinidad and Tobago to provide reliable botanical information. The NHTTL also seeks to encourage a connection to and an awareness of the flora of Trinidad and Tobago by providing access to information that can inspire all to contribute actively to the conservation of the flora of our islands.


Opening Hours

Monday – Fridays 9:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.

The Library is closed on all Public Holidays.



NHTTL is accessible to the general public.

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