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Office of the Campus Registrar

Mona Campus:
Deadline Date: Sunday, March 31, 2019

The University of the West Indies (The UWI) is seeking to fill the positions of Campus Registrar on the Mona Campus in Jamaica, and the St. Augustine Campus in Trinidad & Tobago. The successful applicant should be a transformational leader, capable of promoting a people-centric culture The Campus Registrar is the most Senior Administrator on the Campus and in accordance with Ordinance 21 discharges the functions of that office, spelt out in statutes 19.1 (e), 19.2, 23.5 and 38.4 (a).  The Campus Registrar is the secretary to all campus committees.


Qualifications, Training & Experience

  • The successful applicant must have a higher degree.  
  • A PhD or EdD. in Higher Education Administration/or leadership would be an asset.

He/she must have a minimum of 10 years experience at a senior management level and must have led a sizeable team. A sound understanding of current national and global trends and issues in Higher Education would also be required.


Main Responsibilities

  •  Leading the Units/Divisions/Departments under the Office of the Campus Registrar.
  • Leading institutional transformation with a central role in forward planning, development, strategy and continuous improvement initiatives.

  • Leading strategy implementation with Balanced Scorecard Tools, to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of administrative procedures, systems and standards.

  • Servicing all statutory meetings of Campus, including, Campus Council/Academic Board/Campus F&GPC/Campus Appointments Committee.

  • Ensuring that Enterprise Management Systems viz Banner Students and Peoplesoft are being used optimally.

  • Ensuring that the preventive maintenance programme and security arrangements of the campus are administered properly.

  • Interpreting the Statutes, Ordinances and Regulations and ensuring compliance with same.

  • Prudent budget management.

  • Cooperating with the University Registrar to ensure uniformity of administrative procedures, systems and standards across the campuses.

  • Performing other duties as may be required by the Campus Principal.


Personal Attributes 

The individual should have an accessible and visible leadership style, effective listening skills, good interpersonal and organisational skills and a commitment to collaboration and shared governance.


Applications should be sent to the University Registrar, Office of Administration, The Vice-Chancellery, The University of the West Indies, Mona, Kingston 7, Jamaica, West Indies; email:  Full CV and application forms, which must be completed and can be obtained at the above address and at, must be submitted.  In order to expedite the appointment procedures, applicants are advised to ask their referees to send references under CONFIDENTIAL cover DIRECTLY to the University Registrar at the above address without waiting to be contacted by the University.