11th Annual CCJ International Law Moot

The 11th Annual Caribbean Court of Justice International Law Moot was held on Thursday 21st March 2019. The University of the West Indies St. Augustine was represented by three student advocates in the persons of Wesley Ramnarine (Senior Council), Kavita Ramadhar (Junior Council and Netfa Francis (Research Assistant). The competition was premised on the application of the Revised Treaty of Chaguramas and its scope and interpretation in the Caribbean Court of Justice’s original jurisdiction. The moot was brought on behalf of Suriname against the state of Barbados.  This year’s fact pattern was centred on the issues of CARICOM migrants and the right of freedom of movement of an individual; namely one’s ability to vote or enforce a judgement in a foreign country. Nine schools participated in the competition which spanned two days. This included four universities and five law schools. The UWI St. Augustine team was successful against its opponents, the University of Bahamas.

On Friday the 22nd after the final day of the competition, the judgement was handed down which declared that the applicant’s motion to have a Surinamese judgement enforced in the state of Barbados was accepted while it was found that Barbados refusal to register a Surinamese national as a voter was non-discriminatory. The overall winner of the competition was the Hugh Wooding Law School.

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