PostGraduate Programmes:

The Faculty of Law at St Augustine offers a number of postgraduate research programmes:

  • MPhil
  • PhD

The FOL 2023/2024 Student Postgraduate Faculty booklet is available for download.


Entry Requirements:

The following are eligible to apply for admission to the MPhil/PhD Law programmes:

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NB: Admission of applicants to PhD programmes without prior registration for the MPhil must be approved by the Board for Graduate Studies and Research.


Availability of Expertise and Resources

Admission is contingent on whether candidates have a thesis proposal compatible with the expertise and resources available in the Faculty of Law (St. Augustine)


Programme Structure/Course of Study:

Students in the MPhil and PhD degree programmes are required to successfully:

1. Complete a minimum of six (6) credits of coursework for MPhil/nine (9) credits of coursework for PhD,

2. Present seminars (2 for MPhil/3 for PhD), and

3. Submit a thesis.


List of MPHIL/ PhD Courses

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Application Process:

Applicants are strongly advised to consult with the Deputy Dean for Graduate Studies prior to applying. The Faculty of Law will provide information, and where applicable, advice on the research proposal. The research proposal is a core element of the application.

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Our Current Research Students 

Mr. Ashook Balroop edited.PNG                                   Ms. Sheriza Khan edited.PNG

Mr. Ashook Balroop                                                                             Ms. Sheriza Khan

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