Dr Emma Perot

Emma Perot, LLB, LLM, BPTC, PhD


Emma Perot is a Lecturer in Law at the University of the West Indies. Emma began her career at the UWI in 2019. She has contributed to the Faculty community by launching an internal moot competition, a Research Seminar Series, and organizing an annual debate for her first year students. She has contributed to several Campus Committees include ICT, Gender and CPRA. She believes in making learning as authentic, so she has introduced tools such as a stock simulator for the Law of Corporate Finance, and topical case studies for Entertainment Law.

Emma’s goal as a UWI lecturer is to use her knowledge to develop intellectual property assets of the region. To this end, she has conducted a workshop for Caribbean Creatives funded by the InterAmerican Development Bank via the CATAPULT grant, presented on protecting the image rights of reggae artistes at UWI Mona, was programme director and a speaker at CarniConversations 2021, and is aiming to introduce an annual IP event at the UWI in collaboration with the IPO. She is also keen on increasing her research output which thus far has focused on image rights, copyright and NFTs, and the intersection between the right of publicity and celebrities and the copyright of paparazzi. 

Emma spent 8 years in the UK before returning home to Trinidad. She received her PhD in Intellectual Property from King’s College London where she was a Dickson Poon Scholar. During her PhD she was elected President of the Graduate Legal Research Society, convened the International Graduate Legal Research Conference, and acted as a research assistant to Copinger and Skone James on Copyright.  Her thesis analyses the influences of law, contract, and social norms in the commercialisation of persona in the US and UK. She has presented her research at the European Policy for Intellectual Property conference in Berlin, Society of Legal Scholars conference in London and the Oxford IP Discussion Group.

Emma obtained her LLM in Intellectual Property with Distinction from University College London and was head of written submissions for the Oxford International Intellectual Property Moot team. She was a Kennedy Scholar at Lincoln's Inn where she was called to the Bar in 2016. During her BPTC (bar exams), she directed a student-led pro bono organisation which dispensed intellectual property advice to creative industries. She was also a finalist of the Gluckstein advocacy competition, and a course representative. Prior to this, she achieved her LLB with First Class Honours from the University of Kent where she received the Chancellor's Scholarship for Trinidad and Tobago, the Hallett’s Prize for best external competition mooter, and participated in outreach programmes as a student ambassador


Teaching Interests

  • Intellectual Property
  • Entertainment Law
  • Corporate Finance
  • Corporate Law


Research Interests

  • Intellectual Property Law
  • Corporate Law 


PhD Supervision Interests

  • Intellectual Property Law
  • Corporate Law


  • Perot E, ‘The Conflict between the Copyright of Paparazzi and the Right of Publicity of Celebrities’ (2022) TJILP forthcoming
  • Perot E, ‘NFTs: Copyright Fried or Foe?’ (2021) 43(12) EIPR 793
  • Perot E, ‘Image Rights in Context’ (2020) 15(3) JIPLP 147
  • Perot E, Mostert F, ‘Fake it till you make it: an examination of the US and English approaches to persona protection as applied to deepfakes on social media’ (2020) 15(1) JIPLP 32
  • Perot E, ‘Maximising Utility: Applying utilitarian theory to international patent law’ (2014) 5(1) KSLR 58
  • ’The Conflict between the Copyright of Paparazzi and the Right of Publicity of Celebrities’ and can be accessed for free here: https://tiplj.org/issues/tiplj-volume-30/.
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